Plug In Launcher PRO 1.18

Source:Craig Petzel

This is the PRO version to the already existing free app, Plug In Launcher. NO ADS!

This app is a true "plug and play" app. It will launch a specified app when the Power, USB, or Headset cables are connected to the device and also when a bluetooth headset device or wifi network is connected or disconnected. A dialog can be displayed so it does not interfere with your current task. This app also features the ability to toggle the state of bluetooth, wifi, and ringer mode upon connecting or disconnecting the things mentioned above.

Want your phone to turn on silent when your phone connects to your work's Wifi? and also launch angry birds while your at it?? NO problem, just set it up in the app, and it will launch every time.

Tired before bed and want the Alarm clock app to launch when you plug it in to charge? Go ahead and plug it in... AND ITS THERE!

Out on a run and want to quickly launch your music player app? just plug in your headphones and have it automatically press play!

Want to launch wifi tethering when you connect to your computer? DONE!

Once installed, specify which applications you want to launch when the respected cable or service is connected, and also set up any extra actions or volume control you want.

I hope you find this tool useful! Let me know if there are any other features you would like to see in this app.

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Developed by Craig Petzel.

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OS:Android 2.1 and up